Luigi Carlo De Micco

Luigi Carlo De Micco, speech New York 2009

CEO, president De Micco & Friends

Luigi Carlo De Micco

New York Stock Exchange

Luigi Carlo De Micco

Plama de Mallorca

Luigi Carlo De Micco Medelin, Colombia 2016

World Economic Forum on Latin America

Medellín, Colombia 2016
The World Economic Forum on Latin America brings together leaders from all sectors, as well as academic thought leaders and millennials, to explore how a new prosperity agenda can be actively shaped. Returning to Colombia and hosted in the city of Medellín, the meeting gathers at a remarkable place and time: Medellín’s transformation over the past two decades is a stark example of successful 21st-century urban innovation.>

Luigi Carlo De Micco Germany 2018

Germany Frankfurt "Günder Konferenz"